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     The onslaught of new distributors and catalogs can make purchasing decisions more and more difficult. We understand the challenges independent bicycle dealers face when selecting buying sources and we are here to help. Our catalog contains thousands of the industry’s leading products complete with UPC’s, manufacturer part numbers and wholesale price listings.
     Our easy to use online navigation can be accessed from any computer at any time providing quick access from multiple workstations and Point of Sale counters. Quick, accurate and complete information can save you time that would otherwise take away from your focus on the sales floor or service desk. By properly utilizing these tools, Bike-alog can easily pay for itself and improve your bottom line.

Point of Sale Integrations
Current Integrations:

      We know managing a point of sale database can be daunting. By using our uniform descriptions and unique item numbers, Bike-alog can provide you with the most complete and consistent product information. This eliminates most of the time you spend adding items, allowing you to direct resources out onto the sales floor.